Pesttec Terms & Conditions

For all pest control work a site survey will be required and upon findings a course of action will be discussed and started.


The number of visits required will be dependant on the size of the infestation. Treatment will begin with a non-toxic option however it may be necessary to use Rodenticides if non-toxic was not proving effective. Rodenticides are only used as a last option as the Rat is likely to die out of sight with this method and may not be located until a strong odour is detected. Rodenticides used are assessed to the environment to reduce the risk to family pets, livestock, wild birds etc. Non-toxic and Rodenticide treatments for Rats may take a number of weeks to complete as Rats have a fear of new things. Proofing of the area where entry/exit signs are found will be completed. Guarantees for Rat control is assessed on a job by job basis. If further visits are required after the initial removal of the problem, we will re-visit up to a period of 2 weeks after billing however this will incur a call out charge.


Mice are very hard to proof against and as such we are unable to guarantee this work. Treatment will begin with a non-toxic option. Toxic methods may be required but only if non-toxic was not proving effective or the infestation was large. Using toxic methods could result in Mice dying out of sight and not being located until a strong odour is detected. Proofing, where possible will be carried out, advice and recommendations for future prevention will be given. Treatments for Mice are usually carried out over 3 visits however if a large infestation more visits may be required, these visits would incur extra charges. No guarantee.


Treatment is carried out using a pesticide and will kill most nests with one treatment. We ask yourself and others to stay away from the area immediately after treatment and for 24hrs thereafter as wasps become extremely agitated due to the attack on their nest. It can take up to 72hrs for the nest to become completely inactive however, if after 72 hours, activity can still be seen we will return and re-treat the nest at a cost of £10. Removal of nest isn’t required however if this is something that you would like done it can be completed 7 days after treatment and will incur a cost. Other treatments for wasps included fogging and smoke bombs.


Proofing will be carried out using quality products at the correct gauge. Once the job is complete the fittings will become the responsibility of the house/property owner. Any nets, spikes or wires that come away or fall off will be covered for 6 months from completion of job. This 6-month repair warranty does not cover damages to nets, spikes or wires by 3rd parties. All proofing will be carried out in the safest possible way, access equipment used will be up to correct safety standards.


Moles may take a number of visits. The standard pricing covers three visits. The traps used are placed in the ground with markers attached and should not cause harm to anyone or to domestic animals however, they should be avoided whilst in situ. Extra visits maybe required these are not chargeable. Guarantee for moles is 72 hours after completion of job.


Treatment for flies will depend on their type. There are a number of treatments which include fogging, smoke bombs, electronic lamps or simply good housekeeping. Again, proofing and prevention of re-infestations is very difficult, guarantees are worked out on job by job basis.


Treatment for Fleas is carried out over 2 visits. Lamps and insecticides will be used on the 1st visit. The lamps will attract and kill many of the adult Fleas which helps to establish the size of the infestation, the insecticide will help kill the juvenile Fleas. A 2nd treatment will be carried out 7-10 days after the initial treatment to kill any new hatches. Guarantee is for 14 days after the 2nd treatment. The product used will remain effective for the guarantee period. All pets should be removed from areas to be treated and kept away for a minimum of 24 hours from treatment.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs required treatment by insecticide or heat. The areas to be treated will need to be cleaned and all clothing and bedding washed at the highest temperature according to labels. 2 treatments will be applied over 7-10 days. All bedding and soft furnishings should be removed prior to the operatives visit, failure to do this will result in a call out charge and no treatments undertaken. All pets should be removed from areas to be treated and kept away for a minimum of 24 hours from treatment. Guarantees are given on a job by job basis. Instructional safety sheet available.


Pest Tec will ONLY treat bees when they can’t be saved, or if there is a risk to public health. Pest Tec have a close association with local beekeepers who will assist with the safe removal of Bees when possible.


Treatment for ant’s will be one visit. Insecticide gels or spray will be used. If ant’s still present after 5 days follow up visit will be done and not chargeable. Note once ant’s start to fly they are extremely difficult to control. So quick response to ant’s is the best policy.
Health and safety

Pest Tec staff work to industry standards and will ensure that environments and customers are kept as safe as possible, at all times. Every job is assessed by an operative to ensure that we work legally and safely. Safety sheets are available on request.