Latin NameRattus Novegicus
LengthUp to 40 CM
ColourEither Brown or Black
Rats are a worldwide pest, they are very adaptable and known to spread life threatening diseases as well as causing structural damage in the areas they infest.

Our team uses all available methods to prevent rats in a given environment without causing any harm to humans and environment.


The most common species in the UK is the Brown Rat (rattus novegicus), also known as the ‘common’ or ‘sewer’ rat. The Brown Rat is generally a brownish-grey colour on top and slightly lighter underneath. Brown rats are also characterised by the following:

  • Their nose is blunt
  • They have small furry ears
  • They can live on average between 6 – 18 months
  • In that time they can reproduce up to 7 times
  • Each litter can consist of between 6 – 14 young
  • Their size (including the tail) can range from approximately 25cm to 45cm / approximately 10 – 16 inches.
  • Their eyesight is generally poor, but they have excellent hearing.


Problems linked to rats Rats have been known to cause major structural damage to residential/commercial properties and services, such as traffic light systems and power supplies.
Rats have also been known to spread the following diseases:

  • Listeria and Pasteurella – which cause food poisoning and stomach bugs
  • Leptospira – which causes flu like symptoms
  • Worms – which can lead to general ill health
  • Cryptosporidia and Taxoplasma – which cause Diarrhoea


The best approach to dealing with or preventing infestations is the combined use of rodenticides, proofing and good hygiene practice.

PEST TEC are specialists in Rat infestations and will seek to resolve your problem in a professional and supportive way. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, we will be happy to advise.