LengthUp to 40cm
ColourBlack, grey, cream, white


Moles live almost entirely underground in a vast network of interconnecting tunnels. They frequently create shallow tunnels just below the surface where they capture worms, insects, and other invertebrates. They may infrequently consume roots, bulbs, and other plant material, although rodent species (e.g., pocket gophers, meadow voles, and deer mice) are almost always the cause of such chewing damage. By far the greatest damage from moles occurs through their burrowing activity, which dislodges plants and dries out their roots. In lawns, the resulting mounds and ridges are unsightly and disfiguring.


We are a fully licenced and insured business, offering a fast, reliable service for domestic and agricultural customers who suffer the nuisance of molehills.

We use various different types of humane treatments and techniques to control the moles, which is mainly trapping.