Latin Name:Mus Musculus
Length:Up to 10cm
Color:Brown, Black, White, Grey

Mice are a problem when they get into properties, they can destroy cables and chew through boxes both plastic and cardboard. They can also spread diseases. The problem with mice they can get through the smallest spaces (width of a pencil). This makes it impossible to proof against. Once in a breeding pair can breed fast and infections take over.


Life cycle of mice from birth to maturity in 11.5 weeks, with broods of 4 to 8 babies. A female mouse can once mature have 5 to 10 litters a year. Mice like dark warm areas like roof and floor spaces anywhere safe from predicators.

If mice are present there are usually signs, these are droppings, damage to foods/cable and strong smells as they leave trails of urine. Mice are about 25g and 60-90mm long.

Most are brown but some can be grey this is down to the breed. Mice are mostly nocturnal and this is when most people hear they have a problem or when they find damage.


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